Greatest possible added value for our customers

Our aim is to provide holistic end-to-end solutions for advanced IoT applications and as a result create the greatest possible added value from a customer perspective. In addition to software products, we also offer certified hardware: Based on your specific needs, we develop custom-built solutions for both greenfield and brownfield sites.

We support existing hardware in the field or integrate our solutions into existing infrastructures. Working closely with international production partners such as ENNOCONN and FOXCONN enables us to produce the necessary devices cost-effectively and in high volumes.

Variety of hardware solutions for customer-specific environments

Whether standardized products or hardware solutions adapted for use in customer-specific environments, the variety of systems available is enormous. Depending on the purpose of the application, we work with cost-effective constrained devices without an operating system as well as with standard systems using ARM or x86 processors.

All systems and servers can be individually configured, allowing you to combine the advantages of different applications in one solution. High-performance systems in particular, such as the KWS 3000 CML, combine the robustness and long-term availability of industrial hardware with the sophisticated design and user-friendliness of office hardware. That is why we guarantee reliable and ready-to-connect server systems for any environment.

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The susietec portfolio

susietec® stands for holistic solution approaches for the implementation of digital transformation. The kontron susietec® toolset combines the years of experience and expertise of susietec® experts with new technologies and innovations. In doing so, we use software, hardware and expertise to further develop technology and people.