Automation process requirements

Automation processes in the food industry are subject to strict requirements in terms of hygiene, traceability and product quality. At the same time, demands on flexibility and optimizing throughput in food production are also growing. A smart IT infrastructure is the basis for maintaining the cost-effectiveness of production plants and keeping up with the competition over the long term.

Food Production Industry

Smart software solutions for the food industry

The kontron susietec® toolset provides smart and easily scalable software solutions for a wide range of different applications in the food industry. The focus is on the flexible use of production facilities as well as product and recipe control, while offering a range of options for data collection and analysis.

Data management includes a factory-wide monitoring system that digitally supports machine statuses, throughputs, error messaging and centralized maintenance job scheduling. Full traceability enables the operation and efficient maintenance of all key production assets.

Modernization of outdated production facilities

The food industry is currently undergoing a transition: investments targeting outdated production facilities enable systems to be modernized and upgraded to the latest technological standards. More and more investments are moving towards the smart factory. In particular, this move concerns systems that provide connectivity for existing plants and scalability at the factory level. The kontron susietec® toolset contains IoT boxes with a flexible connectivity suite that enable interfaces to be successively retrofitted in the cloud or using the factory-wide FabEagle®Monitoring system. 

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