Digitalization of the service management process

Workforce is a software solution for digitalizing the service management process with the aim of increasing service quality.

People, processes and technology: Workforce combines the three key elements of service management to increase the efficiency and operational excellence of your service department. Aligned with industry-wide standards, Workforce can be easily fully integrated into existing systems and business environments. Linking the end user's products/assets with real-time IoT data guarantees service jobs are coordinated and carried out efficiently.

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Based on your service management processes, we implement Workforce according to the one-stop principle: This means you get software, consulting, implementation, training, operations and support from a single source.

Due to a variety of configuration options, Workforce can be adapted specifically to the organizational structure of your company.

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The Smart Factory with solutions from the Kontron susietec® Toolkit.

Job planning and scheduling with Workforce

Workforce supports the entire service management process from end to end. With the help of the integrated deployment software, you can organize and optimize job scheduling from the office. This allows you to maintain a continuous and dependable overview of all service jobs.

A choice of visualization options such as the scalable calendar view, a map and list view, provide a high degree of flexibility in the scheduling and control process.

Field service management

The Workforce mobile app promotes efficient field service management. Field service has mobile access to all the relevant data on site, which can also be displayed and edited offline. This lets you take a note of working hours, material consumption and record signatures in an intuitive and user-friendly way on all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Digitalized data collection reduces the volume of paper documents, avoids redundant data, secures know-how and eliminates sources of error. The result is efficient and reliable job processing, an optimized flow of information, reduced costs and higher customer satisfaction.

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Optimizing your HR processes

With mesma, you further optimize your HR processes: As a central component of Workforce, the web-based application enables a fully digitized time recording process for your entire team. Whether in the office, home office or on a business trip. Versatile functions guarantee seamless documentation and management of working hours, vacation requests or travel expense reports. This way, you and your HR team can keep track of time bookings at all times. 

Digital time recording with mesma

mesma makes digital time recording easier than ever before. Via the mesma mobile app with integrated on- and offline function, you receive daily updated information on your time accounts, requested absences or appointments - even while on the road. Thanks to the interfaces to various HR systems, you can create travel reports as of the reporting date and then perform payroll accounting on an aliquot basis. An integrated time zone function guarantees an accurate calculation of travel expenses.

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