Connectivity for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications 

FabEagle®Connect realizes the connectivity of Industry 4.0 and IoT applications using configurable and reliable interfaces.

Data interfaces are one of the central topics in the development of future-oriented IoT environments. With FabEagle®Connect, we standardize interfaces between OT and IT at integration level and enable scalable application and maintenance of complex IT systems. FabEagle®Connect offers a wide selection of Industry 4.0 and IoT applications — both for machine builders and factory operators.

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The age of digitization requires flexible solutions to integrate manufacturing into the world of IT. The modularity of FabEagle®Connect enables you to create functioning configurations after just a few minutes of hands-on instruction.

Data generated in real time provides reliable insights into existing processes to serve as a basis for future decisions.

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High scalability for configurations

FabEagle®Connect is characterized by high scalability. Regardless of whether changing the status of a traffic light, interfaces with high data rates in milliseconds, or transmitting small volumes of data, complex applications are even easier to implement using FabEagle®Connect.

The straightforward and standardized dialogs make it possible to create interface configurations quickly and efficiently. In addition, splitting configurations into multiple, parallel iterations increases data throughput and ensures redundancy as a result.

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Advantages for machine builders and manufacturers

FabEagle®Connect offers a variety of advantages, in particular for machine builders and factory operators: FabEagle® Connect enables standardization of Industry 4.0 and IoT interfaces such as OPC-UA, REST and MQTT for every machine.  In addition, FabEagle® Connect reliably connects existing machines to IT systems.

Step-by-step implementation in the most important processes offers factory-wide transparency. The independent configuration of interfaces expands the possibilities of your manufacturing IT system. That is how FabEagle®Connect increases the quality of data analyses and delivers greater added value.

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Innovation through combination

susietec® implements innovation by combining software and hardware: That’s why when connecting machines and systems, we not only offer the software solution FabEagle®Connect, but also the matching hardware platform with the kBox A-250 from Kontron. Kontron’s fan-less box PCs are designed for near-machine implementation with FabEagle®Connect in industrial environments. The KBox A-250 supports a large number of interfaces for machine control systems and bus systems.

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