Connectivity for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications 

FabEagle®Connect realizes the connectivity of Industry 4.0 and IoT applications using configurable and reliable interfaces.

Data interfaces are one of the central topics in the development of future-oriented IoT environments. With FabEagle®Connect, we standardize interfaces between OT and IT at integration level and enable scalable application and maintenance of complex IT systems. FabEagle®Connect offers a wide selection of Industry 4.0 and IoT applications — both for machine builders and factory operators.

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The age of digitization requires flexible solutions to integrate manufacturing into the world of IT. The modularity of FabEagle®Connect enables you to create functioning configurations after just a few minutes of hands-on instruction. 

Data generated in real time provides reliable insights into existing processes to serve as a basis for future decisions.

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The Smart Factory with solutions from the Kontron susietec® Toolkit.


Data interfaces for your integration projects

  • Use cloud interfaces to transfer data from production to big data applications via REST, MQTT and ActiveMQ 
  • Proven IT interfaces such as OPC UA, TCP/IP, Modbus and RS232 as standard for connecting machines and devices
  • Automation interfaces for reliable data transmission, e.g. with Siemens PLCs

Data access via file and database interfaces

  • Access to CSV, XML, and JSON files via file interfaces 
  • Write and read to industry standard SQL and Oracle databases
  • Export of data as a file in binary or text format 

Data processing using code component

  • Develop custom logics in freely programmable components with C# script
  • Aggregate data sets to one result
  • Buffer data on gateways or servers
  • Filter and delete data records and messages
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Advantages for machine manufacturers and production operators

Configure interfaces instead of programming

Our prepared interface components enable you to quickly get started with the low-code configuration of your data interfaces from OPC UA to Modbus. The modular design allows you to configure a wide variety of data connections by combining individual components. You can make sure the application is operating reliably at any time using the diagnosis functions.

Expand and scale integration projects easily

FabEagle®Connect scales from connecting a single machine to networking the entire production. Each application creates several data connections, which can later be split into several parallel applications if required. The integration of a machine or a workstation with a device connection typically uses one FabEagle®Connect application. Scaling allows data volumes to vary freely based on demand.

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Use existing or self-created components

Thanks to the detailed documentation, you can also create your own components for special interfaces and data transformations in the C# programming language. These fit seamlessly into the standard scope of the included components and allow you to freely use FabEagle®Connect as a framework for extensions beyond the standard. At the same time, we are continuously developing our implementation of interface standards for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications and make them available in regular updates. 

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Innovation through combination

susietec® implements innovation by combining software and hardware: That’s why when connecting machines and systems, we not only offer the software solution FabEagle®Connect, but also the matching hardware platform with the KBox A-250 from Kontron. Kontron’s fan-less box PCs are designed for near-machine implementation with FabEagle®Connect in industrial environments. The KBox A-250 supports a large number of interfaces for machine control systems and bus systems.

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Your contact to our specialists for the susietec® toolset

Do you have questions about the susietec® service portfolio or need support in the analysis, planning and implementation of your digitalization strategy?

The susietec® experts accompany you step by step on the way to the digital transformation of your company - customer-specific, solution-oriented, success-oriented. We look forward to hearing from you!

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