Digital innovation in plant control systems 

We use ToolCommander® to drive innovation in machine control systems.

ToolCommander® enables the control and visualization of cluster-, inline- and batch systems. The independent software framework supports the control of production and research facilities. The modular design ensures rapid implementation and adaptation in various industries — even for complex machines. As a result, ToolCommander® sets no limits for driving digital innovations.

With ToolCommander®, we offer a flexible software framework that can be implemented quickly and reliably in a wide range of industries. ToolCommander® is used in photonics and optics, for example. The integrated functions for logging and material tracking, among other things, provide the basis for end-to-end control and continuous optimization of the machines.

Machine control systems to SEMI standards

ToolCommander® supports machine control systems in the semiconductor, PV, LED and MEMS industries in accordance with the relevant SEMI standards. Its modular design enables it to be perfectly adapted to complex machine systems. As an example, Kontron AIS has been implementing customer-specific control system solutions for vacuum coating machines with ToolCommander® for more than 30 years. Implementation includes the entire control system — including the installation of the required hardware.

Visualization and openness

Regardless of whether logging, recipe management or multilingual visualization: ToolCommander® provides a feature-packed user interface for controlling machines. The comprehensive trend module, for example, not only enables targeted process control, but also continuous process optimization.

The open framework based on also supports stand-alone applications. That is how we use ToolCommander® to pave the way for digital transformation by third parties.

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