Machines as a complete unit

Holistic solutions for digital success strategies 

We see machines as a comprehensive unit featuring a control system, visualization and connectivity. Innovative mechanical equipment alone is no longer enough to ensure success against the competition over the long term. Digital success strategies require holistic solutions that combine hardware and software: The bandwidth of required functions ranges from visualization to advanced control solutions and connectivity at machine level.

With the kontron susietec® toolset, we offer machine and plant manufacturers a comprehensive package of functional tools to solve tough challenges in the digital age. Modern technologies provide a foundation for optimizing operations from the very first second, offering added value and improving support. Using our expertise and experience, we assess your processes in terms of availability, customer benefits and costs, with the aim of making digital services the mainstay of your portfolio and sustainably increasing your after sales business.

Quick start to digital transformation

Digital transformation requires efficient, consistent and agile implementation of innovative solutions. With the kontron susietec® toolkit, we create the ideal conditions for a quick start to your digitization.

Reduced risk through proven solutions

The kontron susietec® toolkit is the result of trend research, professional competence and experience in the development of digital success strategies. That is why we guarantee you get proven solutions that can sustainably reduce both risk and costs.

Success-driven expansion of your portfolio

As a specialist in connectivity and digital business models, we support you in expanding your success-driven digital portfolio: Together, we develop strategies for establishing digital services and after-sales business that go far beyond the machine.

Ist Ihr Unternehmen bereit für die digitale Transformation?

Digitalization made easy: Mit susietec® liefern wir Ihnen die Werkzeuge, die Sie im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung benötigen. So schaffen wir die Grundlage für digitales Wachstum und Erfolg — nachhaltig, effizient und zukunftsweisend.