Ensuring embedded hardware in the field is secure and
up to date 

KontronOS guarantees that edge devices in the field are secure and up to date — over the entire product life cycle.

The specifications for embedded devices with an existing IoT connection go far beyond security updates in the field. Regardless of whether it’s about software reliability and modifiability, atomic updates or low data consumption: With KontronOS, we deliver an industrial IoT-to-cloud operating system based on Linux that meets all these requirements.

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KontronOS creates the space you need to focus on your core competencies: The fully automatic update function guarantees that the system is continuously up to date and secure — without having to intervene.

KontronOS has several possible levels of integration that enable smooth interaction between the operating system and the application software. This includes containerization of the software as well as creating separate partitions for customer applications and for integrating specific runtimes in smaller systems.

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The Smart Factory with solutions from the Kontron susietec® Toolkit.

Digital security for edge devices

Digital security is of enormous importance for integrated computers: The growing number of autonomous devices without an operator gives companies significant threat exposure. Different user groups have different needs and security requirements.

With KontronOS, we provide a custom-built operating system based on Linux that is geared to the specific requirements of your software and hardware. The automated update process ensures that the system is always up to date. Especially for large numbers of devices, we guarantee that all devices in the field are on the same update level despite different schedules and threat scenarios.

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Managed service for secure, custom-built hardware configurations

By providing KontronOS as a managed service, we make it possible to cover a variety of hardware configurations for a wide range of requirements. Various key properties can be configured using a customizable web interface with the aim of minimizing service times. Automated pen tests provide the required security.

In the event of zero-day exploits, weak points or threats, the system quickly updates itself. To avoid downtime in the event of any problems, you can switch back to the last operational version at any time. This means that KontronOS enables you to create a custom-built security platform for your company's business cases. 

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Remoting - simple and efficient solution for digital remote access and maintenance

With remoting, we offer the option of carrying out maintenance for industrial IoT systems around the clock - remotely and without fixed on-site appointments.

A networked working environment with low downtimes often requires direct access by specialists on site. With Remoting, we offer an integrated remote maintenance solution that does not require any additional software. The connection between the target machine and technician is established via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, regardless of location. This means you receive immediate and uncomplicated support at all times.

By integrating remoting directly into the products of the kontron susietec® toolset, we guarantee the right rights and device management with the comprehensive K-PORT fleet management solution. The function offers manufacturers greater security and control, especially when working with local service providers. 

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Managed service for secure, custom-built hardware configurations

As part of the K-PORT device management system, remoting ensures the operation of individualized solutions in the field. Regardless of whether you want to test a new version of your container-based solution or check your individually trained AI network:

Remoting provides direct access via the SSH Console, the Remote Desktop or the configuration interface. With integrated gateways, we use Remoting to create secure remote access to other customer systems or PLCs without integrating additional software.

Our aim is to optimize your support and thus reduce costs for your end customers. Whether a simple debugging or the export of important data: Remoting is available to your service department around the clock for field maintenance.

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