The interaction of hardware, software and expertise

The tools in the kontron susietec® toolset bring together a harmonious combination of hardware, software and expertise. We consider digital transformation on both a technological and business level. In order to sustainably increase your company's efficiency and turnover, we custom-build technical solutions to meet the growing demands of the market. This enables us to generate new added value for mechanical engineers and machine builders.

We help you understand the world of industrial IoT and make the transition — with susietec® tools. 


Kontron software solutions for re-aligning your business 

By applying kontron software solutions to existing structures, we create space for re-aligning your business.


Customized hardware solutions for the IoT environment 

Fast, reliable and ready to connect: The development of customized hardware solutions for the IoT environment is firmly anchored in our kontron  DNA.



Experts in high-performance IIoT structures

We support companies with our expertise in creating powerful and professional IIoT structures.

Solution-driven concepts for every application

Using the purpose-specific combination of hardware, software and expertise, we enable solution-driven concepts for your individual application. Together with our experts, we help you make the most of the various product options: As part of embedded computer technology (ECT), kontron hardware solutions can be adapted to various apps and use cases, for example. 

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In combination with industry-proven kontron software solutions, we enable the realization and ongoing development of even more intelligent machines. At every stage of the project, our focus is on meeting your requirements and company goals: By applying new business models, you can increase your operational efficiency, drive innovation and profitably transform your business processes.