Industry-proven command and control hardware for manufacturing semiconductors

With the kontron susietec® toolset, we guarantee that your semiconductor machines meet all industrial class requirements in terms of command and control hardware. As a service provider and reliable partner, we support machine and plant manufacturers with our know-how. We not only supply you with standardized products, but also cover special applications. That is how we create a stable basis for intelligent machine control systems and, if required, offer customer-specific hardware solutions for your machines.

Integrated SEMI compliance for the semiconductor industry

The high complexity of the semiconductor industry requires global standards regarding security, hardware and software. In particular, the guidelines of the “Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International” (SEMI) organization are considered essential.

As industry experts, we place value not only on current trends when using the kontron susietec® toolset, but also on the conformity of software and hardware solutions with the SEMI standards. With our know-how and the modern architecture of our products, we have ensured that mechanical engineers have trusted us to develop their semiconductor machines for more than 20 years.

Advanced connectivity right down to the control system software

Connectivity with respect to Industry 4.0 / IoT has been a reality in semiconductor factories for many years based on well-established SECS/GEM, GEM300 and EDA communication standards. These and other standards also have far-reaching effects on control systems software, such as the automatic handling of wafers using OHT systems, for example. We support machine and plant manufacturers with our proven front and back end software solutions.

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