Connectivity as the basis of the smart factory idea

The kontron susietec® toolset is based on a solution-oriented approach that reliably and securely establishes connectivity as the basis of the smart factory idea. In addition to linking software and hardware, we also look at the framework conditions within and outside of manufacturing. This is how we use the standard functions of existing susietec® products and optimally adapt them to each customer’s specific needs. The result is an agile concept that we use to support you on the way to digitalization — from the first digital steps to a factory-wide roll-out.


Digital solutions close to shop floor

With the kontron susietec® toolset, we deliver digital solutions that are directly related to the added value of manufacturing companies, i.e. with a focus on machines and people working close to the shop floor. Manufacturing and all its framework conditions form the basis for custom-built, scalable concepts.


Fast commissioning due to industry-proven solutions

Using industry-proven solutions guarantees a quick, uncomplicated and agile start to implementing the smart factory. Due to the speed of implementation and the advanced level of each of the individual concepts, we enable customers to transform their production sites and welcome their employees into the new digital world.


Cross-industry know-how

The kontron susietec® toolset applies cross-industry know-how to leverage synergies over the long term. Industries that are still at the beginning of digital transformation are therefore able to gain access to existing and proven concepts in order to shorten their own digital transformation learning curve.