On-premises and cloud solution for systems monitoring 

With Remoting, we offer an on-premises and cloud solution that enables maintenance for industrial IoT systems around the clock — remotely and without fixed access times on site.

A networked work environment with minimal downtime often requires specialists who need to have direct access on site. With Remoting, we offer an integrated remote maintenance solution that does not require additional software. The connection between the target machine and the technician is established using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, regardless of location. Now you can obtain immediate and uncomplicated support at any time.

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We also guarantee access rights management by directly integrating Remoting into the products of the kontron susietec® toolset. That is how we ensure that only authorized persons have access to your machines. This function offers manufacturers greater security and control, especially in cooperation with local service providers. For devices that run on their own network such as VPN, Remoting also supports on-premises operation.

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The Smart Factory with solutions from the Kontron susietec® Toolkit.

User-friendly remote maintenance tool with integrated cloud solution

With Remoting, we offer companies a user-friendly remote maintenance tool with an integrated cloud solution. Remoting ensures the operation of individualized solutions in the field, both as part of  KontronGrid device management and in any other container environment. Regardless of whether you want to test a new version of your container-based solution or want to check your individually trained AI network: Remoting enables direct access via the SSH console or the remote desktop.

Whether for different test fleets, or your solution in the field, which we implement via operating systems such as SecureOS, Linux or Windows. With integrated gateways, we use Remoting to create secure remote access to other customer systems or PLCs without integrating additional software.

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Full service offering for optimization and cost reduction in support

Based on our many years of experience in device management, we offer you a full range of services for optimizing support and reducing costs. In addition to automated device registration and rights management, Remoting also includes the option of customer-specific integrations. This includes existing ticketing systems, for example.

Our goal is to optimize your support and in turn reduce costs for your customers. Whether simple debugging or exporting important data, Remoting is available to your service team around the clock for maintenance in the field.

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Your contact to our specialists for the susietec toolset

Do you have questions about the susietec® service portfolio or need support in the analysis, planning and implementation of your digitalization strategy?

The susietec® experts accompany you step by step on the way to the digital transformation of your company - customer-specific, solution-oriented, success-oriented. We look forward to hearing from you!

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