Automation without depending on a single brand

K-SYS "CODESYS® inside"combines the standardized CODESYS® runtime system with the necessary hardware to provide brand-independent automation.

Automation and IoT solutions control processes, devices and machines. In the era of connectivity, automation solutions in particular are going through an exciting transformation. With our kontron susietec® toolset you get applications with different processor variants, a choice of interfaces and real-time capability. The robust design of the products ensures flexibility and a high level of adaptability in an industrial environment. K-SYS "CODESYS® inside" rounds off the service package: The IEC 61131-3 coded automation software offers a powerful control platform for users and device manufacturers across all industries.

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With K-SYS "CODESYS® inside", we create the foundation for efficient and rapid implementation of sophisticated automation processes in control systems engineering. Its modular design allows easy adaptation to different system requirements.

Combined with various functions for process-specific automation devices, K-SYS "CODESYS® inside" is a powerful software development environment. Implementing the application directly, significantly reduces factors such as development time, development risks, and costs.

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The Smart Factory with solutions from the Kontron susietec® Toolkit.

PLC programming languages supported according to IEC 61131-3

K-SYS "CODESYS® inside" supports all PLC programming languages according to the IEC 61131-3 standard, which is recognized worldwide, as well as the PLC Open Standard. For example, with K-SYS "CODESYS® inside" V3 and PiXtend®, we enable the standardized implementation of programmable logic controllers using cost-effective hardware. This includes a choice of different operating systems and hardware.

The application software only needs to be developed once and can then be conveniently transferred to new, more up-to-date hardware when necessary. Integrated K-SYS "CODESYS® inside" web visualization gives you detailed information about your control system elements. Easily accessible remotely using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs.

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Less risk and complexity due to investment protection

With K-SYS "CODESYS® inside", we offer you the highest investment protection for your software solution. Existing function blocks and libraries reduce risk and complexity during software development. This is a great advantage, especially for companies with smaller software teams.

Together with susietec® software experts, we implement customer-specific solutions across the entire product range. That is how we can guarantee you get a complete package of fully-coordinated hardware, operating system and K-SYS "CODESYS® inside" — including the necessary licenses as well as future updates and maintenance.

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