FabEagle®Connect as integrating an interface for a coating system of InfraTec GmbH

As a developer and manufacturer of infrared sensors, InfraTec uses the latest manufacturing technologies and software tools from the area of digitalization to ensure continuous innovation and high quality. The production of infrared sensors requires highly precise, multi-stage processes that document data-supported process values and test results.

The integration of FabEagle®Connect enables interface integration and data conversion between a coating machine and customer software for data processing. The data is provided by the machine OPC UA server and recaptured by FabEagle®Connect, converted and transferred via TCP/IP in XML format to the customer software.


  • Machine connection with FabEagle®Connect


susietec® Plattform

  • FabEagle®Connect



  • Interface configuration
  • Test
  • Training


  • Reliable, scalable and high-performance data transmission
  • Data acquisition without operator intervention



  • Plant with OPC UA server without standardized data structure
  • Customer software without interface to machine control



  • Specification of data exchange with machine manufacturer and operator
  • FabEagle®Connect as a converter from OPC UA to TCP/IP (XML)
The integration was quick and we were provided with immediate support. The tool could be used specifically for our
Jörg Weih, Project Manager IT, InfraTec GmbH

Technical details

The production of infrared sensors requires highly precise, multi-stage processes that document data-supported process values and test results. Despite the OPC UA standard for machine control, interface integration is usually not possible without specification of the data exchange between the machine and the customer software.

In addition to the FabEagle®Connect integration solution, this also included the specification, clarification with the machine manufacturer, testing and commissioning of the solution to implement the integration project. The maintenance-free solution is managed by in-house IT and runs efficiently on a machine computer.


Customer Benefits

FabEagle®Connect enables fast and efficient configurations of Industry 4.0 and IoT interfaces such as OPC UA, REST or MQTT. The modular structure, standardised configuration dialogues and high scalability ensure that functioning configurations are provided after just a few minutes of training.

Data generated in real time also provides reliable insights into existing processes and thus serves as a base for future decisions. Thus, FabEagle®Connect not only increases the quality of data analyses, but also delivers greater added value for potential customers at the same time.


About InfraTec GmbH

InfraTec is a family-run, fully integrated technology company with 230 employees at its headquarters in Dresden. In the infrared sensor division, pyroelectric infrared detectors (optoelectronic components) are developed in a cleanroom area of 1,600m² and produced largely automatically. The detectors are used for gas analysis, flame sensors and spectroscopy.

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FabEagle®Connect aus dem Susietec®Toolset im Einsatz bei der Infratec GmbH. In der Success Story zeigen wir Anwendungen aus unseren Hardware-Software-Lösungen.

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