mesma - Smart working time recording for more efficiency

mesma supports companies in the digital recording of their working hours. Whether in the office, on the way to a business appointment or a doctor‘s appointment: The web-based application enables time as well as break recording in real time. Since 2016, 200 users have already been using the app to continuously keep track of more than 500,000 time entries.

In the example presented, mesma was used to implement an offline-capable and user-friendly time recording system that replaced the existing, long-outdated solution of Fill GmbH. The goal of the project was to optimize the user experience of the employees as well as the HR team. Instead of considering time recording as a separate item on the agenda, the aim was to create the conditions for the introduction of an end-to-end running time recording process.

The project

  • Implementation of a mobile time recording


susietec® products/platforms

  • mesma
  • Windows, Android, iOS


The service

  • Consulting
  • Interface connection
  • Service and support

The challenge

  • Optimization of the user experience
  • In-house, outdated system for digital time recording
  • Dependency of the existing solution on other systems


The solution

  • Introduction of an offline-capable stand-alone system
  • Implementation of functions for admin management, performance, travel expenses as well as payroll accounting etc.
  • Continuous recording of working time in real time


The result

  • Internal process optimization through faster employee time recording
  • Faster recognition of missing information
  • Complete integration into the Fill GmbH system landscape
The introduction of mesma opened up new possibilities for making digital time recording as simple, efficient and transparent as possible.

Technical details of the project

As an internationally operating family business based in Gurten/Austria, Fill GmbH has several locations worldwide. This means that the time recording process has to be easily adapted to different time zones, legal requirements, public holiday regulations and languages.

The previously used, self-created online system from the early 2000s could only be accessed with an existing Internet connection. Especially in the subsidiaries in China and Mexico, this caused a major challenge. Not only the lack of offline capability, but also the dependency on other ERP systems indicated that the existing solution had long since become obsolete. As a result, there were frequent failures or problems in connection with other systems. In addition, the large number of selfcreated Excel spreadsheets for evaluating and calculating order times or invoices, for example, made it difficult to clearly document and manage working hours as well as wage and travel expenses.

The introduction of mesma opened up new possibilities for making digital time recording as simple, efficient and transparent as possible. Thus, the digital application acts as a „central data hub“ for the time booking process.


Customer Benefits

The optimization of travel expense reports has led to significantly higher employee satisfaction throughout the company. Thanks to mesma, travel expenses incurred can be paid out aliquot at the end of the month
- even if employees are still on business trips.

mesma not only simplifies the time recording process for Fill GmbH employees. Leasing employees also handle their time bookings via mesma, which means that no separate system is required.

The comprehensive monitoring and controlling functions of mesma enable the HR department of Fill GmbH to manage and control all time recording-relevant bookings and activities efficiently, quickly and clearly. mesma thus offers numerous possibilities for complete and longterm integration into Fill GmbH‘s system landscape.

Customer Key Figures

  • 95 percent of time entries are processed ontime
  • 1,200 employees use mesma
  • 80,000 time entries per month
  • 1,000 team bookings per month
  • Aliquot payment of travel expenses at the end of the month


About Fill GmbH

Fill GmbH is an internationally operating company for special machinery and plant engineering with headquarters in Gurten, Austria. Since 1966, the family-run company has been present in various industrial sectors, including the automotive, aviation, sports and construction industries.

With subsidiaries in Austria, China and Mexico and 950 employees, Fill GmbH is one of the leading providers of individual complete solutions in the digital and real world in the business fields of Auto-motive, Aerospace, Sport, Energy, Wood and Construction.

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