Introducing the first ToolCommander® for Beneq Oy

Using ToolCommander® to control an ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) system from the Finnish company Beneq is another success story for one of the leading equipment control frameworks in the semiconductor industry.

After a successful test run at Beneq‘s headquarters in Espoo (Finland), the coating system for the production of OLED microdisplays in China was put into operation. In addition to the equipment control with ToolCommander®, the project also included the implementation of an own host interface.


  • Implementation of an ALD equipment control using ToolCommander® and a subordinate Beckhoff PLC


susietec® products/platform(s)

  • ToolCommander®



  • Providing Windows 10
  • TwinCAT
  • CC-Link


  • Controlling the ALD equipment with ToolCommander®
  • Ensuring high software quality
  • Quick and easy commissioning



  • Support for single wafer and batch processing
  • Provision of a customer-specific horizontal and vertical interface



  • Introducing ToolCommander® control software
  • Implementing a customer-specific interface solution using the FabLink® interface


susietec SuccessStory ToolCommander®
Using ToolCommander® to control an ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) system from the Finnish company Beneq is another success story for leading equipment control frameworks in the semiconductor industry.

Technical details of the project

A special feature of the project was that both single-wafer processes and batch processes can run in Beneq Oy‘s ALD systems. As an universal framework for machine control, the ToolCommander® supports various systems - including batch, cluster and inline systems. The existing functions and the user interface of the ToolCommander® therefore served as the basis for integrating the Beneq Oy Beckhoff PLC to control ALD processes. The Beckhoff TwinCAT protocol was used for communication between ToolComander® and the Beckhoff PLC. By using a decentralized I/O terminal and various TCP/IP interfaces, components such as load locks and the pump unit were directly controlled.

For vertical host integration, the Chinese end customer defined their own interface protocol, which was similar to SECS/GEM standards, but also included customer-specific functions. On this basis, susietec® experts developed an additional adapter. Horizontal integration into the main cluster was achieved through a CC-Link interface.


Customer benefits

The first phase of the project included an equipment control specification, which was carried out in close cooperation with Beneq Oy. As part of this specification process, various test scenarios were also defined. Prior to delivery, an in-house test was carried out using the simulation options of the ToolCommander®. This included regular exchange of ideas and experience with developers at Beneq Oy as well. Six months after the start of the project, the system was shipped to China and put into operation on site.

Customer key figures

  • 25 wafers are processed in a batch
  • almost 300 data points for the Beckhoff PLC
  • 6 months from project start to delivery


About Beneq

The home of ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition): As market leader, the Finnish company Beneq offers a broad portfolio of equipment products and development services. In addition to innovative solutions for flexible series production (BENEQ TransformTM) and highprecision spatial ALD coatings (C2R), this also includes the production of thin-film coatings (WCS 600) and thicker film stacks (P400, P800). Beneq‘s aim is to make ALD technology accessible for research and development - and as a result create a decisive advantage for new semiconductor applications.

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susietec SuccessStory ToolCommander®

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