Customizable telemetry and tracking platform for wireless sensors

With susietec® TRAX, companies receive data from the field in a cost-effective manner. The unique combination of a flexible backend and modifiable sensors provides the necessary data for your business decisions. Data from the field is immediately available directly to the backend. Your advantage: Better decisions thanks to comprehensive, real-time data.

Feedback such as position, consumption, status or the specific process variable that your business model requires is sent continuously and directly to your systems from any device and submitted to decision makers - easier than ever before.


  • In-field connection
  • Custom integration
  • Flexible hosting


The benefits at a glance

  • Efficient data collection and transmission from the field
  • Better decision-making with real-time information (Mission Control Center)
  • Large number of standardized devices
  • Easily modifiable / certifiable sensor platform
  • Easy integration of existing systems
  • Easy transfer of data via IoT, REST or database modules from the susietec® modular system
  • Energy-saving technology with battery operation for several years

Better Decisions based on a comprehensive database

  • Comprehensive connection of many data points using constrained devices
  • Connection of remote sensors thanks to several years of battery capacity
  • Smart / energy-saving firmware
  • Easy retrofitting of existing structures
  • Analytics, insightful reports, real-time data displayed in the dashboard
  • Almost 100% coverage in Europe
Customizable telemetry and tracking platform for wireless sensors

Faster response thanks to direct data from the field

  • Direct data transfer without gateways
  • Fast information with graphical support
  • Trigger (geo-localization/vibrations/iOS)
  • Direct transfer of events REST/SMS/DB
  • Direct insights thanks to angular based GUI
  • Easy integration of partner companies


Customer built scenarios by modifying our sensor platform

  • Modular sensor kit
  • Modular backend / Host anywhere
  • Integration of existing systems
  • Short service times due to adapted sensors
  • Approval / certification of customer-specific sensors

Interesting facts about the customer

  • The world’s leading provider of displacement pumps
  • Worldwide service network for industrial and municipal plant operators
  • After commissioning, customers are not left alone to ensure the satisfaction of their customers
  • More than 2,000 employees at five development and production sites, 35 sales companies, a cooperation partner in Japan and over 200 representatives
  • Highest expectations from the company and its products in order to achieve excellent results for its customers

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