Data acquisition and management for medical appliances using K-TRAX

K-TRAX provides medical companies with important patient data for medical applications - cost-efficiently and directly from the field.

This modular telemetry and tracking platform combines wire-less sensors with flexible backends to enable a comprehensive database for medical applications. The direct transmission of information relating to vital indicators, emergency alarms and status messages to all systems and decision makers enables better care and faster response times — easier than ever before.

The service

  • Analysis
  • Process integration
  • Modification of the sensor platform
  • Graphic preparation


Key benefits at a glance

  • Better supply due to a comprehensive database
  • Reduced response times due to data transfer directly from the field
  • Customized scenarios due to modifiable sensor platform

The challenge

  • Customized integration of existing systems
  • High data security for sensitive patient data certified according to ISO 27001:2017
  • Energy-efficient solution for longterm use


The solution

  • Europe-wide in-field connection using K-TRAX
  • Flexible hosting for easy integration of partner companies
  • Display graphics for data analysis and evaluation using dashboards
Data acquisition and management for medical appliances using susietec TRAX

Technical details of the project

K-TRAX enables direct data transfer without gateways. Display graphics allow information on vital indicators, emergency alarms and status messages to be quickly and cost-effectively conveyed to the appropriate systems and decision-makers. The modular sensor kit not only enables the simple integration of existing systems, but also the integration of partner companies. Energy-saving technology guarantees battery operation for up to five years— for long-term in-field application with maximum advantages for the customer.


Customer benefits

Whether in the cloud or on a local server: K-TRAX enables professional and secure acquisition and management of highly sensitive data from the field. The modifiable service platform and wide range of supported devices ensure easy implementation of K-TRAX in existing systems. In addition, a battery life of several years guarantees the full cover connection of nearby and remote data points throughout Europe. A comprehensive dashboard is used to analyze data generated in real-time and present data graphically in informative reports.

Customer key figures


  • Efficient collection and transmission of (outpatient) patient data
  • Faster response due to real-time information
  • Large number of standardized devices
  • Easily modifiable and certifiable sensor platform
  • Easy integration of existing systems
  • Easy transfer of data using IoT, REST and database modules from the kontron susietec® toolset
  • Energy-saving technology with battery operation for several years

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