Smart Digitalization of the Complete Service Management Process

The Austrian company HAUSER GmbH, a European full-service provider for industrial refrigeration technology, found itself increasingly faced with rising costs for written documentation of service and installation processes, as well as optimizable time management for field service technicians. In order to sustainably improve process quality and lay the foundations for a business intelligence system, HAUSER GmbH commissioned Kontron Technologies to introduce Workforce, a high-end software solution for digitalizing the service management process.

The project

  • Digitalization of the service management process


susietec® products & platforms

  • Workforce


The service

  • Consulting
  • Customizing
  • Agile product development
  • Service and Support

The challenge

  • Connectivity with different backend systems; creating an independent mobile application that fulfills its function both online and offline
  • Better controlling options
  • Reducing administrative costs sustainably and creating the basis for launching a business intelligence system


The solution

  • All data generated is digitally recorded on site and processed in-house
  • When the service technicians start their day, they receive an up-to-date and intuitive job schedule on their mobile device
  • They can drive straight to the first customer without having to come into head office


The result

  • Comprehensive functionalities
  • Improved business process transparency
  • Significant acceleration of accounting
  • Effective and structured documentation
Introducing Workforce was a significant step in the digitalization of the service management process.
Karin Werndl, Manager Sales & Service Monitoring, HAUSER GmbH

Technical Details of the Project

The project involved developing a complete solution for mobile workforce management to optimize Europe-wide workflows in the service sector, with a special focus on the management of the service and on-site assembly team. The Workforce Management solution enables the integration of partner companies as well as customers, dispatching, call center activities, spare parts management as well as an overview of orders including details, planning, billing (via ERP interface).

The solution is designed to provide the assembly and service teams with a tool that enables efficient handling of day-to-day business. Assembly and service orders can be assigned to employees and partner companies using an intuitive graphic image interface. The service technicians are equipped with mobile devices, which can be used to process orders and share job status and order details with the head office at any time.

Partner companies are able to process their orders, invoices and employees via a web portal. Contract hours, extra time taken and the materials consumed can be recorded. A service/assembly report can be created on site using the mobile application, which the customer can sign digitally. If a mobile device is lost or damaged, the status at the last point of synchronization can be restored quickly and easily. In addition, the connectivity to the customer‘s ERP system simplifies the billing process and enables efficient process monitoring.


Customer Benefits

After implementing Workforce, HAUSER GmbH benefited from the following advantages, among others:

  • Massive productivity gains
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Paperless workflow
  • Reduction in redundant administrative tasks
  • Improved, standardized and more efficient processes
  • Basis for advanced analysis tools
  • Quick and intuitive access to important information

Customer Key Figures

  • 20 dispatchers use Workforce to optimize job scheduling in the office
  • 300 service technicians record working hours, material consumption and signatures in an intuitive and user-friendly way on all mobile device



The Austrian company, headquartered in Linz, specializes in refrigerated units and refrigeration technology for commercial and industrial use.

With this product portfolio, HAUSER is a fullservice European supplier of refrigeration equipment, technology and maintenance services.

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