Distributed IoT device infrastructure with smart IoT box solution featuring hardware / software and cloud services

A locally distributed IoT device infrastructure forms the basis for sustainably reducing the service and support requirement of field devices such as machines, energy systems and utilities. However, the route to establishing connectivity to existing infrastructure can present companies that have a significant number of field devices with several challenges. Neither the selection and implementation nor the subsequent maintenance of IoT devices is usually the core competence of internal engineering or service departments.

susietec® is able to solve these challenges through the smart combination of various hardware and software elements. The KBox A-250 combines FabEagle®Connect with hardware and a low-code integration platform that has been field-proven for industrial applications to ensure fast time-to-market and secure connections. The roll-out and updates of the box are supported by KontronGrid. Each of the KontronGrid features enables, among other things, device status monitoring, remote access, and software container management in a cloud-based ready-to-go setup.

The project

  • Configuration of an IoT infrastructure
  • Roll-out in the field
  • Commissioning of a central service plattform


The susietec® products

  • KBox A-250
  • FabEagle®Connect
  • KontronGrid


The Service

  • Implementation of connectivity using FabEagle®Connect and configuration of cloud-based KontronGrid


The challenge

  • Local IoT integration at the field system
  • Global roll-out of KBox A-250
  • Carrying out updates and changes to the K-Boxes

The solution

  • Setting up and configuring KontronGrid (device configuration, visibility, access levels, etc.)
  • Establishing an internal connection between the device and the IoT box by configuring and implementing FabEagle®Connect
  • Setting up or optimizing the configuration for each field device
  • Field devices are shipped with suppliers default settings, automatically load your assigned software images and configurations from KontronGrid
  • Automatic installation of KontronGrid, monitoring and roll-out of updates using


The result

  • Fast and flexible implementation of IoT connectivity
  • Secure and hardened environment using combined IoT field devices and software solutions
  • Reduction of spare parts thanks to uniform and standardized IoT field devices
  • Central management environment that meets all operational requirements
  • Fast and secure market launch
Distributed IoT device infrastructure with smart IoT box solution

Technical details of the project

The project is based on a smart IoT box solution consisting of hardware, software and cloud services that are used to create a distributed IoT device infrastructure. The K-BOX integrated for this purpose contains a software solution especially customized and pre-tested to the requirements of the project. FabEagle®Connect establishes reliable interfaces for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications.

The actual implementation of the process interface is limited to selecting the local interface (ProfiNet, OPC/UA, PLC direct, CAN, etc.) and preparing individual data channels to form an information model. This allows both a uniform model and an individual solution for each local field device to be applied. These models provide the possibility to unify higher-level cloud or control system interfaces. The interfaces are based on standards such as Rest, MQTT, APMQ and offer maximum information transmission security.

All devices can be managed by KontronGrid, and the corresponding configurations can be assigned to each system using containers.

As soon as the IoT boxes are installed in the field and a secure connection to the Internet is established, the box independently contacts central KontronGrid using a unidirectional standard call. Having then downloaded the specific software configuration, the box reboots itself - and establishes IoT connectivity.


Advantages for the customer

Adopting an IoT solution that combines software, hardware, and cloud services means less risk, less complexity, and less work for the customer. As a result, the customer does not have to worry about the installation or the distribution of the K-Boxes. The pre-tested and hardened packages offer maximum stability and security when they connect to the Internet. The market launch time is also significantly reduced.

In addition, the customer can use the central cloud environment to build a digital service portfolio - leveraging newly established IoT connectivity to create even more value for the company.

Customer key figures

  • The client is part of a German limited partnership with more than 47,000 employees worldwide.
  • It is the leading international supplier of industrial sealing technology with locations in 86 countries.
  • The customer‘s focus is on reliability and safety, such as in ATEX environments - i.e. Oil and Gas - where the KontronGrid solution is also used.
  • The customer‘s core products include mechanical seals and seal supply systems, magnetic couplings, carbon floating ring seals, expansion joints and flat gaskets.

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