Digital solutions from a single source

susietec® offers digital solutions from a single source. As an experienced partner, we assist mechanical engineering and manufacturing companies on their way to digital transformation. The kontron susietec® Toolset is part of our holistic digitalization solution that brings software, hardware and expertise together - with the goal of capitalizing the potential of IoT and Industry 4.0. Our focus is on operational excellence and the continuous development of technology and people.

Digitalization is no longer just a challenge or an opportunity. We see digitalization as essential for growth and success. With the kontron susietec® Toolset, we provide our customers in the automotive, pharmaceutical and high-tech industries with purpose-specific tools for digital transformation. Combined with our expertise in analysis, consulting and support, we make it easier to implement future-driven business models - sustainably, effectively and in a customer-oriented way.

Is your company ready for digital transformation?

Digitalization made easy: With susietec®, we provide you with the tools you need in the age of digitalization. In this way, we create the basis for digital growth and success - sustainably, efficiently and with an eye to the future.