Boost image and after sales

with service and modern customer experience

Modern machine and equipment manufacturers see their future in an increasing contribution of the after sales business and a close long-term customer relation.

Basis for these approach will be fully digitized and documented product environment, a smart and modern customer collaboration platform as well as a continuous invest into digital business models. Equipments, machine and all other assets will get a digital shadow to associate all product related information and make them the basis for enhanced service and support offerings. The digital equipment model needs to support and fasten information gathering, digital workflows and documentation, full asset management with master data, spare parts, SW driver management, issue tracking and documentation. IIoT will enable data driven concepts even further by connecting to the real data in a secured and simply way.

A future oriented platform dedicated to provide these functions and enable the customer to think in new digital after sales concepts like pay per use, uptime and throughput warranties, customer self care is needed to enable small and midsize machine vendors to adopt these ideas. Our EquipmentCloud® is designed to that purpose and delivers fully implemented and user oriented functions to really close the gap.


Why should you do so? 

By establishing a modern customer & service portal you will: 
  • Improve customer experience and enable a smart communication
  • Establish one single information base for your machinery; distribute and collect all related information in one place
  • Share all information with your internal users and selectively provide access to customers assets
  • Provide and distribute the latest company news, document updates, new training material and software updates easily to all of your customers
  • Improve your workflows and processes and digitalize maintenance procedures
  • Collect online data by easily integration of tools through IIot interfaces
  • Get standardized and flexible IoT hardware with preinstalled connectivity to the EquipmentCloud® with low code access to the control infrastructure of the machinery
  • Enable a digital after sales portfolio by extending the functionality with your business models

Speed your path to a digital business model

with a specialized platform build on the use cases of machine manufacturers 

  • Innovativeness: All use cases are developed with key customers from equipment manufacturing companies with direct feedback possibility to any feature. The release cycle of improvements is 14 days.
  • Brand awareness: The web based interface as well as the native Apps (IOS, Android) can be fully rebranded  and even released under the name of the client.
  • Completeness: The portfolio doesn’t stop at the cloud application. It also features solutions for remote service, IoT solutions for connectivity and a brought range of training and consulting.
  • Accessibility: A fully maintained cloud environment, accessible from all over the world, ideal for an international acting company.
  • Security: The cloud application and all interfaces are encrypted, continuously tested and protected against unauthorized access. The container concept enable a true multi tenancy .
  • Data protection: Data center are operated in Germany and under the European data protection authority.
  • Availability: The cloud infrastructure allows an incredible uptime and availability. 0% downtime in 2020 has been proven. 

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