Digital Business transformation in  Industry 4.0

To remain competitive, manufacturers need to continue to innovate with cutting-edge technologies, but they also need to ensure they are protecting their valuable IP.

In this era of digital transformation, manufacturers across industries as diverse as the automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer, industrial and high-tech sectors are evolving to stay competitive while offering the best possible products to their customers.

The digital transformation toward industry 4.0 relies on operational excellence with a continuing focus on improvement for technology, processes, and people.

The integration of information from machines, humans and the production environment will be key driver for any data driven innovation. Smart, agile, lean and efficient solutions will replace the planned data environment and companies with a plan to continuously develop there digital infrastructure will be leading the industries. 

Why should you do so?

By digitally transforming your manufacturing, you will:

  • Monitor performance, optimize operations and solve problems remotely
  • Adopt changes in product and business strategy easily
  • Gain transparency on all production related parameters
  • Detect anomalies and enact operational changes
  • Experiment with simulated data without disrupting production
  • Seamlessly scale and extend the solution according to evolving needs
  • Utilize your installed production base and gain more capabilities, save time and money

digital transformation

Factory Automation

What we call factory automation are solutions that combine IIOT hardware with industrial software and technology according to specific use cases. From data integration solution to full featured factory control solutions, from single equipment connectivity to shopfloor-wide integration, from Edge- to server- to cloud based approaches – solutions follow the use case and the specific requirements.

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