Piecing together the edge and cloud puzzle

There is a frantic effort to update IT standards to suit machine- and manufacturing requirements.

The ultimate goal is to realize the vision of seamless connectivity

  • from the factory floor to the office door
  • from the machine operator all the way to the chief executive.

Know-How and Technology for seamless integration of OT and IT

  • provide the hardware, software, connectivity, security, and device management tools to handle millions of concurrent device connections
  • provide all the managed integrations required — firmware updates, device management, cloud connection, cellular modem — to connect and monitor a fleet of devices online
  • combine all tools/applications needed to route device data and manage/visualize data analytics
  • allow to easily connect, store, and manage IoT data by providing simple and secure connectivity for devices

Monitor thousands of devices located around the world without physically inspecting them

Imagine your assets had eyes and ears and could talk to you in real time.

That's what IoT-driven remote monitoring offers. It involves collecting data from assets and using that data to trigger automatic alerts and actions, such as remote diagnostics, maintenance requests, and other operational processes. 

digital eye

Speed up your digitalisation transformation

SUSiEtec supports millions of simultaneous device connections, allowing you to configure and monitor the performance of your devices and help you scale when necessary.

Speed up your digitalisation transformation by using an infrastructure that allows you to still leverage your existing applications in combination with our user-friendly offerings.

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