CLoud Services

  •  Constulting on cloud-architecture
  •  Cloud-integration and migration
  •  Implementation of Azure, AmazonWebServices (AWS), Google, IBM

Many companies are facing the challenge of formulating a strategy for the proper use of the cloud. Making this task even more difficult is the profusion of suppliers and options.

The outsourcing of services and infrastructure in and into the cloud does – as a rule – reduce complexity and costs of operation. This outsourcing also increases IT availability. Whether or not such projects are successfully implemented is largely determined by the selection of the partner charged with doing so. 

Such a partner can be entrusted with the responsibility for the formulation and implementation of the concept of use. It can also be commissioned with operating and supporting the system.

SUSiEtec has a market-leading trove of knowhow. It deploys this expertise in its consulting activities, which induce and maintain flexibility. These characteristics are possessed by both Kontron Technologies and its parent company S&T AG. 

Its wide-ranging portfolio of cloud services enable the meeting of individual needs and wishes of companies, with these being of a wide variety of sizes, and from a great diversity of sectors. All of the company‘s offerings have something in common: they place the highest priority on securing your data against intrusion.

Mobility Software

  • MDM-solutions
  • Linkage of mobile devices with existing IT solutions
  • innovative mobile products and solutions

Kontron Technologies provides standardized mobile devices management solutions that are used to implement and manage enterprise mobility strategies involving mobile devices. These solutions are an indispensable facilitator of the reliable and easy configuration of these devices and their security-relevant settings. Kontron Technologies offers the Mobile Iron and Microsoft Intune stand-alone solution, which forms part of an SCCM infrastructure. Kontron Technologies provides clients with two approaches, each featuring its own high-performance tools.

Kontron Technologies‘ innovative solutions enable the increasing of the efficiency of mobile staff operation, and the optimization of their integration into existing corporate IT. This cuts costs and the solutions also bring the mobile “depiction” of business processes. 

Kontron Technologies’ Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) is a standardized solution that can be adapted to satisfy project specifications. Clients employ MEAP to integrate a wide range of backend systems – including ERP, CRM and SCM, and extending to a variety of kinds of databases – into mobile processes, thus available for employment by mobile staff. 

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